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Degree education
Degree education
       Beijing units granting master's degree in mechanical and electrical institute is approved by ministry of education and doctoral education unit, the existing of autonomous enrolment for a master's degree awarded two majors: material science, materials processing engineering, and mechanical institute of mechanical design and theory of the cultivation of the professional doctoral candidate points, with tsinghua university, Beijing university of science and technology and other colleges and universities joint training doctoral students. At present, there are 20 postgraduate tutors, including 8 doctoral students and more than 100 graduate students.
       Beijing institute of mechanical and electronic to undertake a large number of national basic research, application research and development of the complete set of technology integration of scientific research project, technical service mainly concentrated in machinery automotive, aerospace, energy, electric power, material also only industries such as precision forming and modification. At the national and provincial level, more than 150 scientific research achievements have been made, with more than 120 patents for the invention and utility model, and the ideal scientific research bases for postgraduate students.
       Beijing institute of electrical and mechanical in colleges and universities of xueyuan road, adjacent to the tsinghua university, Beijing university of science and technology, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, China agricultural university, China university of geosciences, Beijing forestry university, China mining university, Beijing language and culture university, has a good academic atmosphere and unique geographical advantages, welcome the masses of young students to enter oneself for an examination.