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leader's speech

With the construction of new China, Beijing has past sixty journey by mechanical and electrical, created a number of national achievements, has created a strong science and technology, the essence of integration team and the spirit of practical and trustworthy, the pursuit of excellence!

Beijing institute of electrical and mechanical forging machinery industry in China is under centralized unit, heat treatment, mold industry technology, related industries will, association and the committee secretariat in our institute. Set up a number of national research and development centers, such as the heart of precision forming national engineering research, the UN funded by "fine blanking technology development service center", "Beijing clean heat treatment engineering technology research center", etc.

The Beijing electromechanical research institute was born at the beginning of the liberation of the motherland and grew up in socialist construction, which was expanded by the reform and opening up. Long engaged in forging, heat treatment, mold processing technology and equipment research and development work, such as fruits are widely used in automobiles, machinery, metallurgy, aerospace, energy, transportation and other industries, to improve the level of China's forging, heat treatment process, promote the development of equipment manufacturing industry has made important contributions.

Beijing electromechanical research institute is committed to creating value for the users and the business philosophy of developing with clients. Dedicated to the safe, efficient, intelligent and green manufacturing, leads the forging and heat treatment industry in China's technological progress and the transformation and upgrading, strive to become the international first-class field of plastic forming and material modification of the best comprehensive technical services.